Monday, January 11, 2016

R&R System Solutions (R&R) welcomes you to Ocean Cables, etc.  blog. The R&R blog will be exploring the world of undersea cable, and its relative parts.   This is the place to discuss undersea cable from beginning to end including design, manufacture, integration, test, managing cable construction, deployment and maintenance.

Do you want to learn from people that were there at the birth of undersea fiber optic cables? 

Entering the field in the 1970’s, when the ultimate goal for optical fiber bandwidth was 1 Mbps, R&R staff is in the unique position to provide the scope and history of the fiber optic undersea cable issues.  Having the deep mixture of engineering, quality, and management experience we will discuss the finer points of cable elongation one minute and the intricacies of running a project in Malaysia.  Questions and comments are welcomed.

 Join us in exploring the interesting world of undersea cable.

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